Specially-abled Nepali women undergo training for clinical breast examiners in India

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Kathmandu [Nepal], September 10 (ANI): With an aim to learn the technique for early detection of breast cancer, three specially-abled women from Nepal are undergoing training in India.
NAB India Centre for Blind Women and Disability Studies in New Delhi is imparting the training to the Nepali women.
"Another batch of three females will go for the same training later this year. After the completion of training, we will have a total of six persons, who will further train another group in Nepal," said Dr Birendraraj Sharma Pokhrel, who initiated the training.
The selected women, who are specially-abled, will undergo six months of theoretical training and one-month practical training, according to Dr Pokhrel.
German doctor Frank Huffman had first started the technique of identifying breast cancer in its initial stage. He also launched a programme named 'Discovering Hands', which gives training to the specially-abled women to become clinical breast examiners.
This is currently in practice in India along with Germany, Austria and Columbia. "As it is easier for us to access New Delhi through every kind of means, our trainers went there," Dr Pokhrel said.
After completing the training in India, the trainees will work as interns in Medicity Hospital of Nepal. (ANI)

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