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Sparkling Istanbul captured from International Space Station

The Fact News Service,
May 29,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently shared an image of Instanbul captured from ISS on its official Instagram account and the city appears to be sparkling in all its glory. The image looks so beautiful that it has received over 2.7 million likes and 35,000 comments so far. The caption for the image states,” Hey, Istanbul. You’re glowing! Check out the night lights of one of Turkey’s cities, split by the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn! This image was captured on May 10, 2021, from the International Space Station as it orbited 263 miles above the Black Sea”. Moreover, NASA also states that these images aren’t just stunning to look at but also help the researchers at NASA keep track of the changes in our planet over time. These changes can occur due to urban growth, reservoir construction, as well as natural dynamic events like hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc.  Instagram users are awestruck by this glittering beauty. Comments on the picture range from “most beautiful city,”, to “absolutely spectacular”. While most users were mesmerized by the image, one user commented that “unfortunately, we didn’t leave enough green in the city. Forests we used to have were looking way better than this”. Source: (Internet)

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