Soon first solar eclipse of the year, Learn the rules and remedies of maternity call

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New Delhi, June 6
The first solar eclipse of the year 2021 is going to take place on Thursday, June 10. This time the solar eclipse falls on the day of Krishna Pakh in the month of Jaishtha. It is noteworthy that Shani Jayanti and Vat Savitri fasts are also to be observed on this day. So this solar eclipse is going to be special in many ways. This solar eclipse will be partially visible in India. The eclipse will start at 1:42 pm Indian time and end at 6.41 pm. The duration of the eclipse will be 5 hours. The eclipse will be visible in North America, Europe, Asia, the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, and will be seen in Greenland, northern Canada, and Russia. In India, this eclipse will be visible only in Arunachal Pradesh. That is why the people there need to observe Sutak Kal at the time of solar eclipse. According to astrology many things will happen at the same time on the day of this solar eclipse, which will affect your life in many ways. The eclipse will be visible only in Arunachal Pradesh. In such a situation the people there should pay attention to their God and at this time it is auspicious to perform Havan and Jaap. Take a bath after the eclipse and donate. According to astrology, giving alms at the time of solar eclipse brings auspicious fruit. You can donate rice, flour, pulses, ghee, molasses, salt and vegetables. Special care should be taken to donate enough food to feed 3 to 4 members of a family. Give food and drink to any needy or poor person after the eclipse. This will give you better results. Eclipse is very important in astrology. With the exception of Arunachal Pradesh, the eclipse rule will not apply anywhere in India and there will be no restrictions on work.

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