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Social activist launches Dana-Pani campaign for birds

Ferozepur, May 4

In view of the increasing outbreak of heat, Vipul Narang Social Worker along with Ashok Behal, Secretary Red Cross, and in association with Ferozepur Foundation under Hariyawal Punjab has launched Dana-Pani campaign, in the city of martyrs, to make arrangements for grains and water for the birds, by distributing water drinking clay pots for birds to the people in the city and cantonment area.

Added here, during this Covid pandemic many people became unemployed and unable to make their living Ferozepur Foundation had run free food distribution campaign also.

Narang said that due to the increase in temperature day by day, birds flying in the sky feel thirsty for water and birds are an integral part of our environment and nature. Taking care of them is the primary duty of all of us. He said, under this campaign, special support is being given by Shalinder Shelly founder of Ferozepur Foundation, whose members will contribute significantly to spreading awareness. He has appealed to the people to make arrangements for food grains for the birds by keeping clay pots on the roofs of the houses and business establishments.

We have to take care of these beautiful creatures so that they can get water and food, especially during the summers when the temperature is also on the rise and the birds too are on the receiving end. Being kind to mother nature is the need of the house and social activists are always striving towards it, said Vipul Narang and Ashok Behal.

Present among others on this occasion were Jimmy Kakkar, Vikas Pasi, Aman, Gurpreet Dhillon, Rahul Oberoi, Tarun Chanana, Kunal Sethi, and Vishu Sethi.