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Sleeping woman miraculously escapes death by inches after meteorite crashes on her bed

Columbia, October 12

Because life is unexpectedly unpredictable, things can fall into your life from anywhere, even the depths of the sky. Many people dream about watching a falling star and making a wish. But what if it falls through your roof and lands on you? That’s not something one can ever wish for.

The night of October 4, a woman named Ruth Hamilton in the province of British Columbia in Canada, awoke to the sound of a collision and dirt on her face. The woman nearly dodged tragedy when a meteor broke her roof and fell on the pillow beside to her while she was sleeping.

A meteor had been seen earlier that night above Lake Louise, about 52 miles east, by observers. The woman dialled emergency helpline and calls were made to ensure it wasn’t rubble from a nearby construction facility.

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