Crowd of People gathered in the Sadar Bazar : Gurugram

The Fact News Service,
Gurugram, May 26,
Joint Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Jitendra Garg visited the Sadar Bazar and gave directions to the shopkeepers. He appealed to follow the Covid rules. At the same time, after the relaxation of the opening of shops during the lockdown in Rewari, there is a huge crowd in the city markets. Covid is flying the rules. Seeing this picture of jam in the market, one can easily guess the negligence. If this goes on like this, the terrible wave of Corona will not be prevented from coming. Please tell that the corona infection in the district now seems to be decreasing. For this reason, the number of containment zones here has come down from 107 to 50. District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner, Yash Garg have issued new orders of Large Out Break Region (LOR). Under this, 50 containment zones have been created in the district. The highest number of 14 Covid-19 infected cases were found in the area of ​​Tigra PHC. In the second place is the area of ​​Ferozgandhi Colony PHC. A total of eight cases have been reported here. There are also six cases in the Chandralok Health Center area.  Action will be taken against those who violate the rules under the Disaster Management Act.

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