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‘Shocked and angered’ over assault, says Indian-origin Sikh taxi driver attacked in US

New York, January 13

An Indian-origin Sikh taxi driver – whose turban was knocked off and told “turbaned people, go back to your country” by an unidentified man in the US – says he is “shocked and angered” to be assaulted and that no one should experience such hate.

In a statement on January 3, community-based civil and human rights organisation The Sikh Coalition said that New York City resident Singh was physically attacked and berated near his cab at JFK International Airport here.

Singh had parked his cab at the Terminal 4 taxi stand when another driver blocked his vehicle. When Singh picked up a customer, he stepped out of his car to ask the other driver to move. The other driver attempted to hit Singh with his own car door; he then began repeatedly punching Singh in the head, chest, and arms, knocking off his turban, it said in a statement.

The other driver called Singh “turbaned people” and shouted at him to “go back to your country,” according to the statement.

“I was shocked and angered to be assaulted for doing nothing but minding my own business. While working, no one should experience such hate. I am hopeful that the police can identify, arrest, and charge the person who attacked me so that I can move forward,” the Sikh taxi driver, identified only as Mr Singh out of respect for his request for privacy, has told The Sikh Coalition.