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SGPC takes strict notice of Gujarat school which held children play depicting role of Sahibzadas

The Fact News Service
Amritsar, January 14

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) took strict notice of a viral video on social media in which some children through a play depicted the role of Sahibzadas of the tenth Guru in the physical form organised by the management of a school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Following the orders from SGPC President S. Harjinder Singh Dhami, the pracharaks (preachers) of the Sikh Mission Gujarat under SGPC’s Dharam Prachar Committee sought clarification from the concerned school, when the school management issued a written apology.

The school management informed the SGPC pracharaks that this video is from the year 2019 but it was recently uploaded on social media by someone. The school management confessed that such an incident took place due to their lack of knowledge about the Maryada (code of conduct) and rules of the Sikh faith and they apologised to the Sikh Sangat about the same. They also said that they respect the Sikh faith and such a mistake will not be repeated in future.

SGPC President S. Harjinder Singh Dhami speaking about this issue said that yesterday (on Wednesday) when I came to know about this video, an investigation was marked into it immediately.

“During investigation, although the school management has apologised and claimed that the video was old, the people committing such acts should refrain from doing so.”

SGPC President condemns beadbi of Gutka Sahib at Bhattiwal village in Sangrur

SGPC President S. Harjinder Singh Dhami has strongly condemned the incident of beadbi at Bhattiwal village near Sangrur. He said the people committing sacrilege of Gurbani are intentionally spoiling the environment of the state and the government should take strict action against them. He said as per the information the incident at Bhattiwal Kalan village is related to beadbi of a Gutka Sahib kept at samadhs built in the fields there.

SGPC President appealed to the Sangat not to commit such a mistake to maintain the reverence of Gurbani. He said when the incident of beadbi comes to light, the sentiments of the Sangat are hurt. Therefore, the Sangat should consciously understand their responsibility so that such incidents do not occur.