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Scrambling for Oxygen Continues…

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Misha Bhalla
India scrambles for moving in large medical oxygen cylinders to hospitals and other areas hit hard by the sudden upsurge of Covid -19. The struggle is never-ending for India it seems, within a fraction of seconds millions are losing their lives due to lack of oxygen. The Health Care Systems has been drenched, the patients are dying in ambulances, Parking Lots outside the hospitals, and cremation grounds are overwhelmed with the dead bodies.  The shortage of Oxygen has turned out to be a major challenge for hospitals in many states across the country in India. There are dozens of hospitals in India that are running out of oxygen, thereafter the district administration denies the shortage of Oxygen Cylinders has caused deaths. The New Borns and Children are suffering this shortage too. Everyone struggles to give their loved ones one chance to survive, hospitals are running out of beds which risks millions of lives. The problem is if India does not contain it, it is going to hit India and its neighboring states. Multiple campaigns are been run to raise funds for India which is crucial to saving millions of lives. The variant of Covid-19 in India is more contagious and damaging to people. This is actually going to cause a big human toll and economic toll. This is the one time that we should give more than what we can; more than what we think; more than what we want to do. India is severely affected by the unprecedented second wave of the coronavirus. People in India are experiencing the worst ever public health crisis post-independence. The sudden rise in coronavirus infections could hinder the global vaccination progress and threaten the world economy. India is a big country and if there are large outbreaks there, of course, we’re gonna all worry about more variants which will be bad for Indians, and of course, it will spread around the world.  The covid-19 virus travels with the people and celebrates with the crowds taking millions of lives. Everybody requires a ventilator, that oxygen and home care helps. Essential precautions that need to be taken,  sound so boring, because they have been repeatedly stated, but they are absolutely essential.  The question is “Why People ” struggling for basic facilities like hospital beds, Oxygen Cylinders. Bhagwaan ko Dhundna Zada asan hai during the covid -19 war, rather than running for saving lives who are dying in nick of time.  

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