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SCD Govt College Alumnus Nirmal Jaswal ‘s Hindi book ‘Red Wine Zindagi’ released

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Ludhiana, June 15

Ludhiana born and brought up Nirmal Jaswal ‘s Hindi book ‘Red Wine Zindagi’ was released by Dr. Surjit Patar, Chairman Punjab Arts Council, Chandigarh on Tuesday.Alumni Association governing body accompanied by Principal Dr Pardeep Singh Walia honored Nirmal Jaswal with a special memento of Illustrious Alumni Pride.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, a prominent writer while reading critics about novel said ,’ Nirmal Jaswal has made a different identity in modern literature. By focusing on the different dimensions of life, love-anger, ups and downs, etc., the situations coming in this novel have been assessed and analyzed by the characters.’Red Wine Zindagi’ may be Jaswal’s maiden novel, but it is the culmination of her literary journey and of her experiences.

Like her stories and other literary works, written on a very large canvas, this novel too has been written in a perspective that gives flight to limitless imagination. This can only be crafted by a seasoned writer.

According to the contemporary milieu, both the style of the language and the selection of sentences are potent enough to keep the readers engrossed. The choice of diction is equally effective for both the younger generation as well as for the senior strata.

On reading the novel, it is amply evident that the author is not only a story writer and a poet but also a novelist whose consciousness keeps a sharp eye on every aspect of society and country. It seems as if the details of the situation in Kashmir, terrorism, the plight of the displaced Kashmiri Pandit society, the upheaval of refugee life, are the main themes of this novel.

But as one reads through the novel it is clear that not only in Kashmir, but the sensitive situations of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Bhopal etc. in the country and in Vancouver, Jasper, Edminton etc. in Canada, human relationships of characters are dealt with on the psychological level. The effect of the events that happen in youth, and their importance in the mature accomplishment of life is highlighted.

Proving the worth of a woman in a male-dominated society and showing that actually a woman is the basis of society and gives man the ability to soar through man remains oblivious of it. Only a woman transmits energy and communicates consciousness in society.

Touching on many such aspects, Nirmal Jaswal’s novel depicts an atmosphere which till date perhaps no novelist has presented in such clear, precise and lucid words. It has also provided a direction to the sensitivity of society.

Nirmal said that ‘Red Wine Zindagi’ will go a long way in showing a sensitive, progressive society its mirror and will also pave the way for the younger generation to understand the rapidly changing new dimensions of love. Its language and presentation is modern and contemporary and it is a fine effort from the point of view of literature. Courageous, brave, a truly honest interpreter with pen and demeanor whose call is going to stir up the elusive arenas of men. With new possibilities, the theme, pattern, imagination and vision of the novel give a feeling of freshness and novelty like a breath of fresh air.