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Sangrur : Women sewing warm clothes for farmers fighting for their rights in Delhi

Tonny Sharma

Sangrur, December 10

At Sekhuwas village of Sangrur the women of the village have gathered in a place and started initiative to sew and make warm clothes for farmers. There are sweaters, jackets, hats and socks. The women say that our farmer brothers are standing on the front in extreme cold and the struggle will continue for a long time. The warm clothes that we are sending to the people who have left our village so that the children and the elderly women present there do not have any problem. We do all the housework and all the women gathered in one place and since then to make warm clothes.

It is a very commendable step taken by the women of Punjab to make warm clothes with their own hands.

The women of the village said that first they work in fields as their family members have gone on strike in Delhi and after that they gather in one place and starts making warm clothes.

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