SAI takes action in nine out of 14 sexual harassment cases

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New Delhi [India], Mar 3 (ANI): Sports Authority of India (SAI) has confirmed that the organisation has taken action in nine out of the 14 unresolved sexual harassment cases.
SAI has said that in the nine cases that have been closed, two coaches have been given a major penalty, two have been censured and one has been placed on probation.
It also said that three coaches have been exonerated while one case has been referred to a coach's "parent department for inquiry" as he is on deputation.
In the remaining five cases that have not been closed, the SAI clarified that the inquiry has been concluded in three matters and the committee is expected to submit its report within this week only.
The organisation further said that in two cases, the delay happened due to the non-response of charged officers as they failed to submit their written statement in the given time.
SAI further said that all the cases are expected to be closed by March 15, 2020.
Earlier, SAI had set up an internal complaint committee to ensure the safety of sportspersons, especially girls, to prevent them from sexual harassment or any exploitation.
As per records available, between 2011-2019, 35 cases of sexual harassment were received at various SAI centres, out of which 27 were from the trainees against their coaches. (ANI)

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