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Rural Australia battering over Mouse Plague

The Fact News Service,
May 25,
Rural Australia has taken a battering over the last few years, with drought, fires, and floods. Some farmers finally caught a break with good conditions and a bumper crop. Those conditions were also ideal for mice, and their numbers have exploded across parts of New South Wales. New South Wales farmers are reaching a breaking point after enduring mouse plague. As social media continues to fill with disturbing images and videos of the infestation, one Dubbo farmer has shared their ingenuity in creating a giant “mousetrap”. The video shows hundreds of mice pouring out of a temporary silo and being unwittingly funneled into a massive bucket of water. Country towns have been struggling since last year with a mouse plague that has ruined crops, damaged tonnes of stored hay and grain, infiltrated homes, and caused millions of dollars of damage. There are growing concerns the plague is set to spread to cities with reports of mice infestations in outer suburbs of Canberra, while experts predict the plague will migrate to parts of Sydney by August. Source:(Internet)

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