Rupnagar: Mewa Singh, a successful farmer, who used modern machinery to increase the fertility of the land

The Fact News Service

Rupnagar, October 4

The Punjab Government through the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare has been making all-out efforts throughout the year to make the farmers successful. The experts of Punjab University also share their experiences from time to time to keep the farmers abreast of the times. When it comes to such a farmer, it is necessary to mention Mewa Singh, a farmer of village Maroli Kalan, Tehsil Morinda. He has a total of 13 acres of arable land while 27 acres of land on machinery and contract. He cultivates by taking.

He cultivates paddy all over the land. The farmer cultivates the paddy residue in his field by spreading it in the land without setting it on fire.
Sharing his experience, Kisan Mewa Singh said that after harvesting of paddy crop for the last three years, wheat is sown by reversing the solution by burying the residue in the soil and thereby adding urea fertilizer to the wheat crop.

Consumption has also been reduced while the yield of this crop has also been higher than before. The farmer has procured Super Cider this year. This year he will sow all the wheat with this machine and with this machine he will also sow on other farmers’ fields at reasonable rates. He also urges farmers not to set fire.