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Revenue officers to go on mass leave from May 9 in support of Patwaris and Kanugos

Chandigarh, May 8

Yesterday an online Zoom Meeting was held by Punjab Revenue Officers Association regarding the ongoing strike by Patwaris and Kanugos of Punjab against the illegal FIR and arrest of Patwari Didar Singh of Malerkotla.

Majority of DROs, Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars participated in this meeting. All participants condemned implication of Patwari Didar singh and registration of false case during inquiry but presented as caught red handed case while he was nowhere in the alleged video, shared by complainant. It was also condemned that how Vigilance has wrongly portrayed family and ancestral property of concerned Patwari as self purchased just to create public opinion against the Patwari.

Due to accute shortage of patwaris and staff. One Patwari is doing work of 4-5 Patwaris, no peon and assistant in Tehsils, one or two clerks for which all have to depend upon Private assistants. Therefore Revenue Officers unanimously decided to support Patwari and Kaungo union in this tough phase. It was decided that all Revenue Officers will go on mass leave from 09.05.2022 (but exclusive Sub Registrars and Joint Sub Registrar Zirakpur will go on mass leave on 10.05.2022) in support of Patwaris and Kaungos. An irresponsive attitude of Punjab Government and Vigilance department is responsible for the inconvenience caused to innocent public during this mass leave.

It was also decided that common public should be made aware about the tough conditions in which Patwaris, Kaungoes and Revenue Officers are working. There is huge shortage of Patwaris and one Patwari is doing work of 4-5 Patwaris for which he has to depend upon Private assistants. This shortage of staff is the root cause of corruption and this has already been brought in knowledge of Financial Commissioner Revenue, Revenue Minister and Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann ji.

But instead of taking onus and solving basic problems, all efforts are being done to shift the blame to existing employees.

It is worth mentioning that majority of existing Patwaris were recruited in 2016 through a competitive examination, conducted by SS Board. Most of these Patwaris are having degrees like B.Tech, M.Tech, M.A., Ph.D. etc.

But pathetic situation is that only 1700 patwaris are working against 4800 and newly recruited get Rs. 5000 per month for initial 2017-18 and getting Rs 10,000 per month till today.

Had they assumed this post for corruption?

Should they be dismissed to provide services to public without proper salaries?

Are there more qualified and competitive person available for patwaris than the present lot?

Actually innocent public is at receiving end and have to suffer because of poor response of Government to public needs.

No kanugo or Patwari is provided with sufficient funds or expenses for travelling, stationary and office expenses except RS 150 basta (bag) charge and 150 for office rent.

Similarly DROs, Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars, have to do multiple field duties including Law & Order, are not provided with official vehicles and proper security. There is acute shortage of staff in all Tehsils and Sub tehsils, for which all have to remain dependent on private persons.

It is also decided to take decision regarding abstaining of physical and field duties for different purposes until Punjab Government provide basic and necessary amenities to all Revenue officers in next meeting.

It was decided that during mass leave, various meetings will be held with Government to present issues for solution on priority so that services may be delivered to common public in quick and transparent manner.

Therefore, It is informed that all DRO, Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar are in wholeheartedly support of Patwaris for wrongful arrest & illegal confinement of Patwari Didar Singh and all will proceed on mass leave from 09.05.2022 to 11.05.2022.

Further course of action will be decided on Wednesday in meeting.