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Recovery of mobile phones from jail inmates continues, 224 mobiles seized in Ferozepur jail during 271 days

Ferozepur, June 21

The recovery of mobile phones continued from jail inmates and as many as, 224 mobiles besides other banned items, have been recovered from inside the jail during 271days of the current year 2022. The jail authorities too go for special checking in the barracks and other areas in jails, still, it appears that their efforts are half-hearted.

The prisoners across the country still have access to mobile phones either due to the connivance of jail officials or the careless attitude of the officials concerned at the entry points despite the fact that the murder conspiracy of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was reportedly hatched by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi from a jail,

During the last three consecutive days, 10 mobiles have been recovered from inside the jail along with other banned items like ‘zarda’ sachets, and data cables and during the last 21 days, 42 mobiles have been seized including three on Sunday, five on Monday and 2 on Tuesday.

During the current year, as many as 224 mobiles have been recovered during 271 days of the current year to date, in working orders with SIM cards, from the jail including the gangsters. These mobiles have been recovered from the inmates or from the packets thrown over the high walls or found unclaimed hidden in certain places.

The miscreants taking advantage of the outer peripheral wall of the jail open from the backside – PUDA open space on one side and high rising buildings on the other side, could easily reach close to the main boundary wall of the jail and throw packets inside leaving the jail authorities struggling to tackle the problem.

The jail authorities have now deputed the cops outside the boundary wall and certain residential areas, to put a check on the throwing of packets inside the jail.

Almost daily, there is the recovery of mobiles and other banned items from the inmates or lying unclaimed and the matter ends with the registration of the case with the police. Taking on custody of the prisoner for further investigation is the biggest hindrance in further probing the matter.

Regular recoveries have put a question mark on the security arrangements by the jail authorities at the entry points, which need to be plugged.