Railways introduced new facility for railway passengers

New Delhi, February 16
Many changes were made in the Corona epidemic, whether by air or train. Keeping in mind the safety of passengers, the Indian Railways has allowed the passengers of AC class to travel on reserved tickets only with the closure of the bedroll facility. Due to this, the passengers started having a lot of trouble. Due to the closure of the bedroll facility in the train, passengers had to carry blankets, etc. by themselves. But Northern Railway has launched a disposable bedding comfort kit to solve the problem. Sales of this kit have been started at New Delhi railway station from Monday.
  • Disposable bedroll kit  In view of the increasing cold and the needs of passengers, Northern Railway has decided to give disposable travel bedroll kits on the train. Now UV based sanitizer machine and disposable germ-free bedroll kit will be available at New Delhi railway station. However, passengers will have to pay some money for this. Along with the facility introduced at these stations, rail passengers will also be able to buy products like hand sanitizer, hand wash, mask, etc. at reasonable prices. These products are initially available at New Delhi, Old Delhi, and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway stations. Later, Northern Railway will make them available at other stations as well.
  • Can book favorite food from IRCTC Apart from this, now passengers can also order food of their choice from the website of IRCTC. Retiring rooms and hotel booking facilities will also be available along with food. These facilities can also be booked with tickets. In this way, passengers will be able to get a one-stop solution.
  • In the 300 rupees kit, passengers will get nonwoven blankets, nonwoven bedsheets, nonwoven pillows, pillow covers, disposable bags, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair oil, comb, sanitizer sachets, paper soaps, and tissue paper.
  •  In the kit of 150 rupees, passengers will get only one blanket.
  • Apart from this, there is another one which costs 30 rupees. In this, passengers will get toothpaste, toothbrush, hair oil, comb, sanitizer sachet, paper soap, and tissue paper.
  • Apart from this kit, an ultraviolet sanitizer machine has also been set up which will sanitize the bags. For this, passengers will have to pay 10 rupees.
(Story sourced through agencies.)