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Explained: AAP’s 300 Units free electricity scheme in Punjab will benefit its people

Bikramjit Singh Gill
Chandigarh, April 17
  • The Punjab government has come up with a unique method, as well as flowers and beans

In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party government has made electricity free as promised. Of course, these 300 units of electricity will be waived in a month.

The terms of the scheme are being debated. The Opposition is criticizing it. In fact, the scheme is such that people will get electricity free of cost and also save electricity.

In fact, under this scheme, electricity up to 300 units is free for the general public. Even if the units become 301, no electricity will be provided free of cost. In this way people will prevent their bill from going above 300 units, i.e. electricity will be consumed only as much as is required. This means that electricity will be saved and will be available for free. The government has made it clear that if more than one unit is spent for free, the general public will have to pay the full bill.
What is free power condition
Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that his government would provide 300 units of free electricity to all the domestic consumers every month. In Punjab the bill comes after 2 months which means you will get 600 units of free electricity on one billing cycle. One problem is that if SC, BC, Freedom Fighter and BPL families have consumed more than 600 units of electricity in 2 months, they will only have to pay the same extra electricity bill. Have to Regarding the general category, the Opposition alleges that if more than 600 units, ie 1 unit of additional power is spent, then only 601 units will have to be billed.