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Punjab Sweeper & Seweragemen demanded creation of ACT 2021

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, July 22

Accompanied by the Chief Minister Punjab at his residence in Chandigarh today, Geja Ram, Chairman Punjab State Sweepers Commission apprised the janitors/sewermen of Punjab of the impending difficulties and for the safety of janitors/sewermen, a new Punjab Sweeper & Seweragemen demanded the creation of ACT 2021.

The meeting also discussed through the Chairman the issue of cleaning the sewerage holes of some sewermen naked by the officials at Main Chowk, Jogiana (C-Zone), District Ludhiana which was taken stern notice by the Chief Minister. This resulted in the death of two employees while the Chairman was cleaning the sewerage just outside the LHP Galleria Shopping Mall Mohali, in which strict notice was taken against the officers/employees involved in the matter. The Chairman Punjab State Sweepers Commission recommended that an Act relating to Sweepers / Sewermen be enacted to deal with these matters expeditiously.

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