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Punjab ready for new narrative and destination: Bhagwant Mann

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Budhlada/Mansa, January 7

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab President and Member of Parliament, Bhagwant Mann reiterated that AAP, when voted to power in 2022, will fill the state exchequer by eliminating the various active mafias as well as facilitate the people with free and best education, health facilities and free electricity. On Friday, Mann addressed two large rallies in Mansa district, one in Boha (Budhlada) in the favour of MLA Principal Budh Ram and another in Mansa for AAP candidate Dr. Vijay Singla. In his address, Bhagwant Mann targeted Congress government including Charanjit Singh Channi, Navjot Singh Sidhu as well as Badal family.

Bhagwant Mann asked that today, in Punjab, the condition of government schools, hospitals is miserable; electricity is the costliest and there are toll plazas at every road, then how come Punjab’s exchequer is empty? He added, “People of Punjab are paying their taxes regularly, but the government has not been facilitating the people with this money. Because the people in power like Captain and Badals were developing their properties in Siswan. Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi facilitated people with free water and electricity and provided them the best education and treatment; even now Delhi has no debt to its name. Here in Punjab, Congress did nothing for our government schools, hospitals and didn’t provide the promised employment, but Punjab’s exchequer is empty and then there is 3 lac crores of debt too.”

Speaking about Budhlada MLA Principal Budh Ram, Mann said, “Mansa is considered a backward area, thanks to the previous governments who had been ignoring and treating it like a tail but I want to congratulate the people of Budhlada for electing the most educated MLA in Punjab. Today, I promise you all that with the formation of AAP government your area will be given attention and the priority in development projects as it deserves.” Mann further said that AAP will recruit Agricultural Experts for every village, so that these experts can guide people to do farming with the latest scientific techniques and make farming a for-profit business, unlike now when people choose it as their last resort.

Slamming Navjot Singh Sidhu for announcing Rs.2000 per month, free 8 gas cylinders for women Mann said that Sidhu was criticizing Kejriwal for doing the same. They’ve been making excuse of empty exchequer for the last five years but now Sidhu is announcing Rs. 5,000 for 5th passed, 15,000 for 10th passed, Rs. 20,000 for 12th passed and scooties to women, and this whole situation alone is proof enough that they (Congressmen) are not serious for the people of Punjab, they only care about being in power. He also quipped that Punjab’s Congress government is the only government that is giving an account of their last 100 days instead of their whole tenure. He alleged that every mafia, sand, liquor, cable etc, all are still active and flourishing under the patronage of Congress leaders.

Bhagwant Mann appealed to the people of Mansa and Budhlada to not trust Congress, Captain, SAD or BJP this time and elect an honest government of AAP that will work for the welfare of people and overall development of Punjab. He said that today Congress has turned Punjab into the lands of dharnas but when AAP is voted to power, all the issues will be resolved. According to Mann education, health, electricity and employment are top priorities of AAP. Before Bhagwant, Mann Principal Budh Ram addressed the people in Boha and Dr. Vijay Singla addressed the people of his constituency Mansa. Charanjit Singh Akkawali Distt. President Mansa, Gurpreet Singh Banawali AAP candidate from Sardulgarh, Rakesh Puri, Gurjant Singh, Parminder Kaur Smagh and other AAP leaders were also present.