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Punjab Political parties engaged in declaration contests

Bikramjit Singh Gill
Chandigarh, January 3

Seeing and hearing the big announcements made by Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu at a function today, it seems as if the competition for announcement is going on in Punjab. But what is the proof that the gathering of people in political rallies, despite knowing all this, is not really taking place? In fact today Navjot Singh Sidhu has announced that housewives will be given Rs.2000 per month and 8 cylinders per year free of cost.

When the Congress government comes to power in Punjab, it has been promised Rs 5,000 for 5th pass girls, Rs 15,000 for 10th pass, Rs 20,000 for college going girls and one tablet. Scooters have also been announced for girls going to college. Apart from this, it is not known what other announcements have been made about the free registration of women. If you look here, how difficult it is to announce, just a little shaking of the mouth, a few words to say. If these works are actually to be done or are to be done, then all this requires extra money which in reality is never in the treasury of Punjab.

It is worth noting that it does not cost any money to make an announcement, whatever the announcement may be, but it is not known who will be the hero to implement these announcements.

By the way announcements are made in every election but this exercise regarding the upcoming elections 2022 was started by Arvind Kejriwal. The repressed voice was because they were afraid that the farmers might become difficult again.

In all this, the BJP has yet to mislead the people by making big announcements. Seeing all this, the Congressmen began to wonder when we will start giving gifts of big announcements to the people.

Navjot Singh Sidhu also started making announcements. However, the Congress election manifesto has not been made yet. In principle, no announcement is made before the manifesto is made, it has been the tradition of the Congress.

So far it is being said that we will do such and such thing, but even after so many years there has been no change in the life of the people. Unemployed people are fed up with the pleas of the government, be it the Captain’s government, the Akalis or anyone else. Nothing can be said about the present Congress chief minister because the reality is that he has no time to do anything now.