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Punjab government’s guidelines on reopening religious places, restaurants, malls from June 8 onwards

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Ludhiana, June 6

The Punjab government today issued guidelines for the phased reopening of places of worship, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services and shopping malls. Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Agrawal informed that the places of worship and religious places, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services and shopping malls are allowed to open with effect from June 8. The management of these institutions would abide by the relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) Government of India. In addition, the management would also abide by the guidelines of the Punjab Government.

Guidelines for shopping malls:

  • For shopping malls, every person entering the mall shall have the COVA app on their phone, but in case of a family, one person having the COVA app shall be permitted to enter the mall.
  • Loitering in the mall will not be allowed. Entry into the mall shall be based on a token system to adhere to the maximum capacity.
  • Ideally, a maximum time limit for a person / a group of persons entering the mall should also be enforced. 
  • The maximum capacity of the persons allowed in each shop in the mall shall be fixed on the basis of maintenance of 6 feet distance (2 gaz ki duri) i.e. an area of approx. 10×10 for each person entering the shop.
  • Further, an additional 25% shall be allowed for common areas to determine the total capacity of the mall. The management shall be responsible for ensuring the maximum capacity of the mall and of each shop displayed and no more than 50 percent of the maximum capacity shall at any point of time enter the mall/ be present in any single shop. 
  • Each shop shall have markers to indicate social distancing for those waiting to enter, lifts shall not be used except in case of disabled persons or in a medical emergency, escalators may only be used, with distancing, the trial of clothing/accessories shall not be permitted, the health team of the district shall regularly check the employees working in the shops of the mall, restaurants/Food Courts shall not operate in any of the malls except for takeaway/home delivery, the management of these ensure hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing of masks.

Guidelines for restaurants, hotels and hospitality units:

  • Similarly, the Restaurants shall only be allowed to open for taking away and home delivery as of now. There would be no “dine-in’ facility until further orders. Home delivery may be allowed till 8 pm. The situation shall be reviewed on June 15.
  • The management of these places shall make adequate arrangements to ensure hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing of masks.
  • With regard to the hotels and other hospitality units, the hotel restaurants shall remain closed and food shall be served only in the rooms for hotel guests. The situation shall be reviewed on June 15.
  • Night curfew shall strictly be enforced and the movement of individuals shall only be permissible from 5 am to 9 pm, however, the guest would be allowed to enter and leave the hotel premises between 9 pm to 5 am based on their schedule of travel by flight/train. The air/train ticket would serve as a curfew pas for one-time movement of these guests to and from the Hotel during the curfew hours (9 pm to 5 am).

Guidelines for places of worship:

  • For the Places of Worship/Religious Places, they shall remain open only between 5 am to 8 pm, the maximum number of persons at the time of worship shall not exceed 20 with due distancing, and therefore the worship time should be staggered in smaller groups, the management of these places shall make adequate arrangements to ensure hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing of masks. There shall be no distribution of prasad, food and serving of food/langar.

The Deputy Commissioner stated that any violation of these guidelines and lockdown measures shall be punishable under sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster management Act, 2005 besides legal action under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (IPC). It is reiterated that the State Government guidelines and SOPS of MOHFW, GỌI shall not be diluted in any way and these shall be strictly followed by the institutions.

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