Punjab BJP is ‘Modi Bhakt’, says former BJP leader Malwinder Kang

Hours after resigning from the post of General Secretary of the State BJP, Malwinder Kang said that “Punjab BJP is Modi Bhakt”. Kang said that he wanted to raise his voice against the anti-farmer bills (Farm Laws 2020), which have been passed in the Parliament.

“When I raised my voice against the farm laws 2020, they (several BJP leaders) said that I am talking Pakistan’s language,” Malwinder said, adding that the minister who had said this apologized after other ministers asked him to not use such derogatory words.

“Punjab BJP is not Punjabis,” Malwinder said. “When we raise the voice that the farmers across Punjab and Haryana were on streets against the anti-farmer bills, they said that they (farmers) were manipulated,” he added.

In his resignation, submitted to Punjab BJP President Ashwani Sharma, Malwinder wrote: “The farmers, arhtiyas, small traders and labour organisations have been democratically and rightly protesting against the new acts passed by the Central Government since last many weeks.”