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Promotion of business in Punjab will increase employment: Manish Sisodia

The Fact News Service
Hoshiarpur/Dasuha, November 23

National leaders of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi in Dasuha (Hoshiarpur) interacted with various industrialists, businessmen, educationists and teachers in the program, so that the needs of the business world and education system, By understanding the challenges and problems, they can put their solutions in front of the people in the manifesto of the 2022 assembly.

Manish Sisodia listened to the concerns/problems of industrialists, businessmen, businessmen and teachers and also shared with them the political will of AAP to resolve them. Manish Sisodia said that all the businessmen of the business world have many problems but they also have the solutions, if only political will power is needed. He said that every businessman, small and big, including industrialists and businessmen of Punjab, knows what is his problem and solution, just listen to the government.

Manish Sisodia, while answering the questions of many industrialists / businessmen, said that it is unfortunate that the politicians of Punjab not only slept for the industry, but also lost the trust of the people for the strength of the education system. He said that the government education system of Punjab was ignored and due to this people have lost their trust in the government. Sisodia cited the example that before the AAP government was formed in Delhi, the attitude of the people towards government schools was similar to that of Punjab. But ‘AAP’ with political will, meeting with educationists and teachers, found solutions and implemented the policy of solution. Today the government schools of Delhi are at such a stage that their example is being given in the country and abroad. Sisodia said that AAP has demonstrated by strengthening the education system in Delhi and will show it if AAP government is formed in Punjab.

Apart from this, Manish Sisodia told the industrialists, businessmen and businessmen that till now the political parties have given more emphasis on ruining the industry of Punjab, because there is so much political interference in Punjab that first the leaders ask for their share and then the inspectors ask for their share. Huh. Unless traders, businessmen and industry will get exemptions and facilities, by that time neither employment will increase nor any state or country can progress. Manish Sisodia gave the example of Delhi and explained that efforts are being made by AAP to develop business ideas in the minds of children to strengthen the business-industry world. Different types of diplomas, courses and other types of training are being given in different universities, so that new dimensions of business can be established by removing unemployment.

Manish Sisodia said that government fraud takes place under the guise of affidavit, that is why Arvind Kejriwal abolished 454 types of affidavits in Delhi. This closed the ‘setting’ window of government offices and ended the commission of brokers. In Delhi, 140 types of facilities are available sitting at home just by dialing 1076.

Sisodia said that only when the country’s politics is honest for education and business, the country can develop. If you promote business then only you will get employment. He said that work has been started in Delhi for the beginning of a new era of industry and new dimensions will also be set for the revival of the industry after the formation of AAP government in Punjab.