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Prominent Environmentalist, Sundar Lal Bahuguna Dies of Covid-19

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Rishikesh, May 22
Sundar Lal Bahuguna, a well-known environmentalist and a leader of the Chipko movement, died at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh on Friday. 94 years old Sundar Lal Bahuguna died after battling covid-19 for several days. India’s most prominent environmentalist, was admitted to hospital on May 8 after testing positive for Covid-19. Sundar Lal, born on January 9, 1927 in Uttarakhand, is a well known environmentalist. He was only 14 when he started participating in social activities. Throughout his life, he has led many movements, whether initially on the issue of untouchability or raising his voice for women’s rights. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Sunderlal Bahuguna initiated the rescue operation in the Himalayas and raised his voice for life, hence he was also called the Guard of the Himalayas. Sundar Lal Bahuguna plays an important role in the preservation of trees. In 1971, Sundar Lal Bahuguna fasted for sixteen days to protect the trees. Due to the Chipko movement, he became known around the world as Vrikshmittra (friend of the tree). Under this movement, women cling to the trees and do not move from their places. This then drew the attention of the government and deforestation has been banned in the country’s Himalayan forests for 15 years. In the second wave of Corona, the number of new cases in Uttarakhand are steadily increasing, but the concern is with the villages in the hinterland of the state. Corona cases are on the rise here, but are not being treated properly. Recently, pictures surfaced from Almora, where the bodies of Covid’s patients had to be cremated in the middle of the forest.

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