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Prisoners stay connected with outside world mobiles recovered from inside jail

The Fact News Service
Ferozepur, January 13

Owing to stringent measures adopted by the central jail authorities, the recovery of mobile phones continues from the premises. The criminals lodged in jail stay connected with the outside world through these gadgets clandestinely smuggled into the prisons.

Two mobiles have been recovered from inside the jail during the search operation carried out by Kailash Assistant Superintendent. The raids are conducted to break the nexus between the undertrials prisoners lodged in the jails and their outside contacts, put an end to their criminals and illegal activities, and strictly and vigorously enforce the rule of law. In the past 12 days, 22 mobiles, including two of today, along with other banned items like zarda, bidis, chargers, headphones have been recovered. Around 300 mobiles were recovered during the last year from the jail premises.

As per information, on a tip-off, the surprise checking was conducted at barrack number 4 and one mobile was found attached with the LED TV charger with battery but without SIM card. Another mobile was recovered from inmate Gurwinder Singh, this too with battery but without SIM card during the search of new barrack number 3.

Smuggling in of mobiles and its usage – the most wanted banned items inside the jail, has not yet been cracked and plugged and has put a question mark on the security arrangements at the entry points. Recently, there had been throwing of packets from outside by some unidentified persons, which were allegedly tossed in from outside the jail wall.