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Power demand unabated-PSPCL supplies 38% more power so far in May 2022

The Fact News Service
Patiala, May 11

A spokesman of PSPCL informed in a press note that Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has met maximum demand of 10,401 MW on 10th May, 2022which is the highest demand recorded during this summer season till date. Last year it was recorded 6,643 MW on the same day. The demand and consumption of electricity has shot up due to continuous heatwave and sweltering weather this year as a result PSPCL has to supply excess energy during this year in comparison to last year as under:

Month 2021 2022 %age Increase

March 4,055 MUs 4,604 MUs 14%

April 3,716 MUs 4,911 MUs 32%

May ( Upto 10-05-2022) 1,471 MUs 2,028 MUs 38%

He further said that PSPCL is committed to provide 8 hours regular supply to agriculture pump sets, and uninterrupted and quality power supply to all categories of consumers in the state during this summer season. Mercurial rise in temperature requiring more use of air conditioning by consumers has also increased the demand remarkably this year.

In view of shortage of coal prevailing in the country and increased demand in the state due to rise in temperature, PSPCL appeals to all its consumers i.e Domestic, Commercial, Agriculture and Industrial to use power frugally by switching off the lights, devices, pump sets & Air Conditioners when not required.