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Post-PG index: Punjab CM’s social media team slams Delhi government

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, June 10
With Punjab getting top position in Performance Grade Index, released by the Union education ministry, in the country, Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s social media team has launched an aggressive campaign to project it as a major achievement of his government and at the same time also attacked the AAP government of Delhi that had been claiming major improvement in Delhi schools. It is for the first time that achievement in school education is becoming a part of political and poll campaigning in Punjab. Till now, Aam Aadmi Party had been trying to sell its ‘Delhi model’ in Punjab by claiming major improvement in education and health sector. However, Amarinder’s social media team is attacking Arvind Kejriwal government on both counts. The offensive against Delhi government has been launched from ‘Punjab Da Captain’ Facebook page, which was also actively used during 2017 polls, when AAP is trying hard to remain third important political player in Punjab. “Captain government’s smart schools have outweighed Kejriwal’s schools in advertisements,” said a post on ‘Punjab Da captain’ FB page with a video comparing the adblitzkrieg launched by Kejriwal government with claims of improving Delhi schools and what Punjab has achieved practically on ground. It also states that Kejriwal government’s claims on improving health sector had also proved hollow during the pandemic.Another post with caricature of Amarinder and Kejriwal on the issue said: “Unlike hollow claims by Kejriwal, Punjab’s Captain made schools number one by actually working.” “Kejriwal just focused on ad-blitzkrieg about his schools, while Captain delivered victory on this,” read a speech balloon in this poster. Another poster on FB page said, “How to make schools model and number one, Kejriwal should learn from Captain. Just by making false claims, a state does not become a model state.” All these posts questioning and attacking Kejriwal government on performance in school education were posted on Wednesday.

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