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‘Please allow my husband to work from office’: Woman’s desperate plea to industrialist Harsh Goenka goes viral

New Delhi, September 10

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, employees in most offices are forced to work from home. In such a situation, the culture of work from home has increased. The world’s largest lockdown was imposed in India last year that led to the shift and the trend of working from home is likely to continue as long as the threat of COVID-19 remains.

However, there are people who have different kinds of problems due to this and a few of them might even make you laugh. Here’s one such problem that came to light after an industrialist shared a message he received from the wife of one of his employees.

Harsh Vardhan Goenka, the current chairman of RPG Group conglomerate shared the hilarious message on the microblogging website Twitter. The message in the tweet shows a desperate plea of a woman to allow her husband to work from the office.

The woman asked Goenka to allow her husband to work from the office. She wrote that he is fully vaccinated and will maintain full COVID protocols while at work. The reason she wants her husband to get back to the office is because of his incessant demand for coffee and food, leaving the work room in a messy state and falling asleep during work calls.

Here’s what the message read.

“Dear Sir,

I am the wife of your employee Manoj. This is a humble appeal to allow him to work from office now. He is doubly vaccinated and will maintain all covid protocols.

If work from home continues for some more time our marriage will definitely not work anymore. He drinks coffee ten times a day, sits in different rooms and leaves them in a mess, constantly asks for food. I have even seen him fall asleep during work calls.

I already have two children to look after. Seeking your support to get my sanity back.”

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