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Places earmarked for dharnas, demonstrations in Kapurthala district

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Kapurthala, November 23

On behalf of District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner Kapurthala Deepti Uppal, places have been earmarked for dharnas , demonstrations in different sub-divisions in the district , so that the common people do not face any kind of trouble due to dharna. Kapurthala Sub-Division For Shalamar Bagh , Amritsar Road , City Improvement Trust for Phagwara, Hargobind Nagar in front of Phagwara , Sultanpur Lodhi Bus Stand in Sultanpur Lodhi towards Gurdwara Antrayamata and Dana Mandi No. 1 Bhulath and Dana Mandi Focal Point Village Ramgarh at Bhulath.

For dharna etc., further approval will have to be taken from the concerned sub-divisional magistrate. Besides his criminal details Code march of any kind using the rights granted under Section 144 of the 1973 district, an accumulation of five or more persons, protesting to, sticks, Gandase, sharps chopper, chopper, gun, pistol And a ban has been imposed on carrying any kind of explosive weapons etc. to public places. This order will remain in force till January 17, 2022 .

Apart from this, PG in Kapurthala district and especially in Phagwara. CCTV for Owners Orders have been given to install cameras and keep recordings for one month. In addition to this, P.G. Details about the persons residing in the area will have to be submitted to the nearest police station or police post. In this P.G. Owner name and address, to name and address, Mobayl number, reading area and keep evidence of his identification is required. This order will remain in force till January 18 , 2022 .

On behalf of the District Magistrate, a ban has been imposed on the sale, purchase and store and use of synthetic , nylon-made Chinese strings and synthetic manja strings for kite flying. This order will be effective from 25 November 2021 and 23 January 2022 will be applicable till

Apart from this, orders have been given to strictly prohibit the firing of firecrackers by removing silencers on behalf of two wheeler drivers and bullet drivers. This order will remain in force till January 17, 2022 .