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Pitbull dog attacks kid in Batala, police in action

The Fact News Service
Batala, March 16
Pitbull dog rage is a frequent case. A similar case came to light in Batala last night when a child attending a ‘satsang’ at house was badly bitten by a pit bull dog and injured. Legal action is being taken by the police on the spot. The incident happened when a child of a family was standing outside during a ‘satsang’ held at a mansion on Green Avenue in Batala this evening, Pit bull dog attacked a child in the neighborhood and bite him badly and the child was in severe pain. He was somehow rescued by his family and the people present there before he was admitted to the hospital for treatment and as the child was in critical condition when he was referred to Amritsar Hospital where people demanded that such dangerous dog breeds should also be prosecuted. There is fear and anger in the whole area after this incident and after receiving the information that the child was injured by the pet dog, the police force of City police station also reached the spot but repeatedly the police stopped the pet dog outside the owner’s house. No one came out of house even after knocking on the door of the house. Police have posted a guard outside house and the investigating officer who reached the spot said that further legal action would be taken against the victim’s family members.