Phone tapping is modus operandi of Congress, we work democratically: Khattar

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Chandigarh, July 22

Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal while coming down heavily on Congress for creating ruckus in the ongoing monsoon session of the Parliament over  ‘phone tapping’ issue said that Congress has a habit of raising allegations rather than discussing development issues.

“Our party has nothing to do with spying or phone tapping. If at all there is any party who has a habit of hatching spying conspiracies and destabilizing popular governments, it is definitely Congress”, said Manohar Lal while addressing a press conference here today.

Condemning, Congress for supporting Amnesty International, an agency that had first published a report about snooping on personal data of ministers and journalists in India with the help of Israeli spyware called Pegasus,  Manohar Lal said that in the last seven years, as Narendra Modi led government did not give Congress a chance to raise valid issues therefore like their previous character, this time also they hatched a conspiracy to defame and malign the Indian democracy.

“It is unfortunate how Congress rather than discussing development issues is supporting international agencies and left-wing organizations to damage India’s democratic fabric. Congress is not going to gain anything by doing these petty things to malign the image of India. The country is watching them,” said Manohar Lal.

“Congress never believed in running the country democratically. Today they are raising their voice against ‘phone tapping’ by just believing on the reports published in international agencies and a Leftwing portal but I would like to remind them that when Congress was at the Centre, they themselves had used surveillance as a tool to spy on its own leaders,” said . Manohar Lal.

Citing an example from history, the Chief Minister said that several evidences along with media reports  are there highlighting how Congress had not only spied on their own party leaders as well as former Railway Minister, Smt. Mamata Banerjee and other leaders too.

“Former Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee’s letter written to then Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh asking him to conduct an enquiry against the then Home Minister, Sh. P. Chidambaram for spying on him is also not a hidden fact,” said Manohar Lal.

Not only this, Congress’s pivotal role in the fall of the then Chandra Shekhar government is also known to everyone.  At that time too, Congress had falsely alleged that two policemen belonging to Haryana CID had spied on Late Rajiv Gandhi near his residence 10 Janpath, though Congress was never able to prove their allegations.

Talking about Haryana, Sh. Manohar Lal said that Congress has always questioned the State Government over the increasing unemployment rate in Haryana, by referring to a Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) report which doesn’t even have any credibility.

He said that under the ambitious scheme Parivar Pehchan Patra being run by the Citizen Resource Information Department, almost every family in the state has been registered, in which people have declared their own unemployment, which is only 6 per cent.  When the people of the state themselves are declaring the unemployment rate, on what basis are the leaders of the opposition saying that the unemployment rate is increasing in Haryana.

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