PGI gate directly from parking area near PU gate No.1

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, February 23
The planning of the underpass to be constructed directly from the parking area near Gate No. 1 of PU to the gate of PGI has now been changed. This underpass was to be a bus stop side near the gate of PGI. Now the ramp will be built in place of the escalator. Its width has also been increased from 15 to 17 meters. With this, the 12 shops to be built here will also be increased from 3 by 3 meters to 3 by 4 and a half meters. This proposal is being worked on. An estimate of 74 million has been made for the underpass on behalf of the engineering department of the administration. It has also been approved by the Standing Finance Committee. The city’s first underpass plan has been approved by Chief Administrator cum Finance and Home Secretary Arun Kumar Gupta. According to this plan, there were elevators and stairs in the entry and exit. There was also an escalator. But now a ramp will be built in its place. Because there will be a risk of the escalator breaking down again and again. In view of this problem, a proposal has been made to build both side ramps of the underpass. It was checked on Monday by an architect from the Urban Planning Department and a consultant from Underpass. They will state in their report whether it is feasible to build both side ramps in the underpass. If it is feasible then the planning will be changed. Chief Architect Kapil Setia said the underpass would now be built directly from the parking area near the PU gate to the side above the PGI gate. What happens to the ramp or escalator will be decided when the consultant’s report arrives. The proposal to build this underpass between PU’s gate number one and PGI was first sent by the Engineering Department from the side of the bus shelter. It was changed due to being away from the gate of PGI. Now it is being done on the left side of the gate of PGI starting from the space between the gate of PU and Night Food Street. That is, it is being done directly from the parking lot to the PGI gate. The direction of the underpass is being changed for the second time.