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‘Pendu Sanjeevani Committee’, an initiative taken by Channanwal residents

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Barnala, May 18
Residents of Channanwal village have taken a unique initiative against the growing epidemic of Coronavirus in the villages. Under the leadership of Sub Divisional Magistrate Barnala / Tapa Varjit Walia, a ‘Pendu Sanjeevani Committee’ has been constituted with the objective of enhancing the participation of the rural people in the campaign against Corona, so that at the village level patients with symptoms of corona virus can be identified and treated in a timely manner. Disclosing this here today Sub Divisional Magistrate Varjit Walia said that under this campaign RMP doctors, health workers, Patwaris, GEOs and volunteers working in the villages have been brought together on one platform, named as Pendu Sanjeevani Committee, which will be a boon for the general public against this epidemic. As part of the drive, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate held a meeting with the committee members recently, after which a door-to-door health survey was started by the committee members on May 14 to find out the body temperature, oxygen level, heart rate and corona related symptoms of the person concerned. Information was collected on the basis of symptom criteria, during which several individuals were identified who had symptoms of corona but did not take the test. He said that the committee members found out during the survey about a patient whose oxygen level (O2) was only 65%, who was immediately referred for treatment. Walia said the purpose of the survey and the formation of the committee was to motivate people who have symptoms of corona for timely awareness and covid tests and treatment. He said that during this survey such persons were identified and sent to Level 1 and Level 2 facilities on the basis of their condition so that they could be treated in time. He said that this initiative at the village level would not only dispel the doubts and fears of the people about corona sampling and treatment but also help in overcoming this epidemic by combating corona. He lauded the residents of Channanwal and invited other villages to come forward.

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