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Peacock sits on top of termite mound in Dudhwa National Park

The Fact News Service,
New Delhi, May 15
A stunning video of a peacock is doing the rounds of the internet and you might consider watching it. Twitter user Sanjay Kumar IAS posted the 12-second clip and it is swiftly going viral on social media. Twitter user Sanjay Kumar IAS posted a video of a peacock sitting on top of a termite mound. The clip is from the Dudhwa National Park. The video is from the Dudhwa National Park successful Uttar Pradesh, arsenic mentioned by Sanjay Kumar IAS successful the caption of the post. It features a peacock sitting connected apical of a termite mound. It watched the surroundings arsenic birds chirped successfully the backdrop.   “Can determination beryllium a much serene and reinvigorating infinitesimal than watching handsome peacock beryllium atop termite throne displaying its stunning plumage and soak successful nature’s ain composed inheritance music. @Dudhwa TR, UP,” the caption of the station reads. Source: (Internet)

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