Parents need information on School expenditure: Chandigarh Parents Association

The Fact News Service,
Chandigarh, May 29,
The Parents’ Association has expressed hope that the Chandigarh Education Department will take action in getting the balance sheet applied soon after the court’s directions are issued and the parents will get relief. It is noteworthy that on 24 April 2020, the private schools association had approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court to collect fees from the students. At that time, the schools had clarified that it is mandatory for students to take fees from the students to pay their teacher’s salary. The Chandigarh administration intervened and appealed to the schools to charge tuition fees, which were also considered private schools. With the completion of the session 2020-2021 and the new session 2021-2022, the schools have sent a decree to parents to pay the full fees along with increasing the fees. After protests from the parents, some schools asked to reduce tuition fees only to reduce the increased fees, while some larger schools did not cut the fees. After the order of the High Court, the schools will have to tell their own expenses along with the income. Schools will have to put this information on the balance sheet by making different heads. In it, along with the cost of electricity and water, the salary of the teaching and non-teaching staff will have to be accounted for. From the officers of the department to the general guardians, the balance sheet can also be seen. The Association of the city and Punjab Against Corruption have appealed to the department to give a definite time to the schools for uploading the balance sheet first. If the balance sheet is not uploaded despite getting the time, then action should be taken against that school. Satnam Singh, president of Punjab Against Corruption, said that once given time if the department gives time again, the schools can mess up the balance sheet which can prove to be a problem for the department and the parents

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