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Pakistan: Violent mob in Punjab province attack man for alleged desecration

Islamabad, February 15

A violent mob in Pakistan’s Punjab province attacked a man for allegedly burning the pages of the Quran.

This incident of mob violence comes as Punjab has seen a surge in mob lynching in the past two months. The latest incident took place in the city of Faisalabad on Sunday.

However, the provincial police rescued the accused person and shifted him to an undisclosed location, the Dawn newspaper reported.

On Sunday, a mob carrying hard objects including clubs and bricks surrounded the house of the accused and attacked him.

Reportedly, the local police rescued the man and shifted him to an undisclosed location. They have also transported other family members of the man to another area for safety reasons.

Additionally, the police said they were trying to engage religious leaders of all sects to ensure peace.

“We received an emergency call at 15 at about 5.30 pm on Sunday that a Shia scholar had defiled the Holy Quran,” Faisalabad SSP Operations Mubashar Maikan told Dawn newspaper.

“The person seems to be abnormal,” he said.