Ozone therapy has also hit the medical world hard, proven in the treatment of many diseases

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, February 28
For the treatment of various diseases in the country and abroad, various medical methods such as allopathy, ayurvedic and homeopathic, etc., and therapies such as pharmacotherapy, beauty therapy, psychotherapy, mind-body therapy, mud therapy, etc. are resorted to. In this connection, ozone therapy has also stepped into this field and is becoming very popular. Twenty doctors from all over the country will be involved in the propagation of this ozone therapy course by the National Institute of Naturopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Only Dr. Sameer and Dr. Rohit from North India were involved in this. Today in a press conference at Chandigarh Press Club, dentist Dr. Sameer Nayyar and his associate dentist. This therapy will be disseminated in Punjab and Chandigarh by earning a certificate course from Rohit Arora National Institute of Naturopathy and although both the doctors have been practicing ozone therapy for the last several years and they have got very charismatic results in it. On the other hand, the Department of AYUSH of the Government of India has also included this therapy in its list, which has encouraged them and they have planned to open a medical center under the name of Oxyhill, in which diseases will be treated only through this therapy. These two doctors came to Chandigarh to give concrete form to their plan and here a well-known social worker Pt. With the help of Virendra Bhatara, Global President of On Faith Foundation and also the Director of Sukhmai Seva Samiti, Chandigarh, Ozone Therapy Center is going to be opened in Tri-City. Dr. On this occasion, Sameer also gave a presentation about ozone therapy in which he gave detailed information about this therapy and other aspects related to it. He said that although ozone gas was first discovered by French scientists in 1913, it was first used medically by German scientists in 1920 to treat their soldiers wounded in World War I, with remarkable success. Got it. After that, a lot of work was done on it in Europe and America and especially in Cuba but no special attention was paid to it in India. But now it is also being worked on in the country and it has also been included in the syllabus at the Pune-based institute. A well-known physician in Ludhiana, Dr. Sibia has been successfully treating her patients with this therapy. Dr. Sameer Nayyar, while discussing his achievements in this field, said that he took time out of his main profession as well as began to acquire information about ozone therapy and gathered many materials by connecting online with many institutes located abroad. Apart from learning this therapy, he used it first on himself and then on his relatives which got encouraging results. Then he did these experiments on the dental patients who came to him, the results of which were also pleasant and surprising. After this, he succeeded in curing other patients through his study so he decided to give it due full time and decided to open Oxy Heel Medical Center. Dr. Giving information about the technical aspects of this therapy, Sameer Nayyar said that this gas enters our body and activates oxygen more so that patients get relief.