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Our main objective is to provide good Punjabi movies, web series and shows for Punjabi viewers: Manish Kalra

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Chandigarh, September 11

With billions of viewers, India’s largest video streaming platform and multilingual storyteller, Z5 is poised to consolidate its presence in Punjab and neighboring areas of northern India with interesting content in Punjabi. Take a look at Zee 5’s initiative Zee Studios – Puara, Kismat 2, Jinne Jamme Sara Nikamme, and Fuffar Ji, including famous Bollywood names Amy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Sargun Mehta, Binu Dhillon, Gurnam Bhullar and many more actors.

A series of Punjabi films, web-series, originals and shows with power-packed, live theatrical titles will be launched! These stories of the land of the heart of Punjab will be available in a complete annual subscription plan priced at Rs. 499. With its exciting content slate, Z5 aims to meet the demand for content of 30 million + native Punjabi speakers in India, offering a robust library of Punjabi content at the touch of a button, making it one of the deepest in the country. Commenting on the initiative, Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, Z5 India, said, “As the country’s multilingual storyteller, we are deeply involved in regionalization and India.

Has continued its efforts to entertain audiences of various groups and categories to enter. Today more than 70% of the people in Punjab are using the Internet, with the highest GDP and per capita income in India, it has a dense telecommunication infrastructure which makes it the third largest in the country.

Despite this, the content offer in the local Punjabi language is not as diverse as it should be in a significant market like Punjab. As a result, when the audience is more intentional, the availability of options is less and the Z5 is overcoming this shortcoming. Our focus on popular Punjabi content is focused on meeting this growing demand for quality entertainment in local languages.

This will help us become a perfect destination for consumers seeking high quality Punjabi content, bringing us one step closer to our broader vision of integrating entertainment into smaller markets. Talking about the new content line-up, he added, “This is a diverse and purposeful initiative designed specifically for our Punjabi speaking audience. Through our ability to serve the world of real, relevant and relevant stories across different devices and operating systems, we aim to address the shortcomings faced by TV viewers and OTT users with a common platform.

Today, the Z5 is home to over 2 million hours of on-demand content and 100+ live TV channels. With a rich library of over 140 original shows, Z5 offers content in 12 Indian languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Punjabi. The platform has an exciting lineup of 50+ theaters and 40+ web series in 2021 that will expand its vast library and offer a vast list of entertainment enthusiasts.

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