Ottawa Nurse Sings to ICU Patients in Viral Video

New Delhi, May 3
A nurse from a hospital in Ottawa is winning praise online after she was caught on camera, singing for patients recovering in the intensive care unit in an attempt to lift their spirits. Taking to Twitter, The Ottawa Hospital in Canada shared a video of nurse Amy-Lynn Howson standing outside a patients’ room in the ICU and singing “You Are Not Alone”. The viral video shows Amy-Lynn in scrubs and a facemask strumming a guitar and singing for her patients. “This is Amy-Lynn. An endoscopy nurse at The Ottawa Hospital, who has recently been redeployed to the ICU. Here she is with a beautiful song for our patients… “You are not alone”. Thank you for lifting our spirits, Amy-Lynn!” the hospital wrote as it shared the video. Since being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered over 30,000 thousand likes.
(Story sourced through agencies)