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Novel Coronavirus and Climate Change are linked, says Climate Experts

The Fact News Service,
May 29,
The world is struggling with two global dangers, the novel coronavirus, and climate change. However, these two pressing problems are interlinked, says a climate expert. Due to the continuous lockdowns, worldwide restrictions on movement, and slowed economic activities, carbon emissions have reduced, air quality has improved, and one can witness ecological restoration with the reduced resource consumption and waste disposal. But as we analyze the situation deeply, we realize that by overburdening the healthcare system, we indirectly increased medical waste, PPE kits disposal that led to more plastic waste and soil pollution, increased municipal waste leading to contamination of the land, air, and water, and so much more,” says Kunal Sood, founder of #WeThePlanet campaign and WeTheFuture. The Covid-19 emergency is showcasing the interconnectedness of our reality. It is likewise compelling us to recognize the quick need to act, prepare our people and our planet for the upcoming healthcare and environmental crisis. On the potential gain, it has shown us an enormous scope that with an extensive reaction, a worldwide emergency can be tamed, if we as a whole focus on it. It’s the best way to withstand and deal with any future healthcare or environmental emergency. “Today, governments are gearing up to provide financial aid to help individuals and associations endure the surging economic distress, it’s every man’s job as individuals and as organizations to ensure that sustainability and climate action are rooted in the aid packages. We need to venture up and function as one to understand this, similarly as we are right now doing in our battle against Covid-19. Together, we can guarantee these key points stay high on the plan of public and global establishments, alongside accessible medical care. Source: (Internet)

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