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Not just with the announcement, but after going through five stages, the agriculture law will come back

Bikramjit Singh Gill
Chandigarh, November 19

In India, there has been strong opposition to the new agriculture bills introduced by the Central government for the last one year. Farmers call it the Black Agriculture Act. Today, the Prime Minister of the country, of course, due to some compulsion, has announced the repeal of this agriculture law. No law in any country is made or repealed by mere proclamation.

Farmer leaders are now saying that these laws should be repealed not just by completing the declaration process. This means that just as these laws, through which they came into being, will now come to an end, these agricultural laws will come to an end, that is, not just by declaration.

In fact, this morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologized to the people of the country, announced the repeal of the Agriculture Act and urged the agitating farmers to return to their homes and families. But agitating farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait said the agitation would not end. “Once the law is withdrawn from Parliament, we will agree,” he said. It has only just been announced. “Negotiations between the government and the farmers should also be opened and a decision should be taken on our other issues, including the MSP,” Tikait said.

The Prime Minister said that the proposal to repeal this law would be brought in the session of Parliament starting from November 29. This is the process of withdrawing any law passed by the Parliament of the country. In fact this process is completed in five stages.

A proposal for repeal of the law is prepared and sent to the Ministry of Law. The Law Ministry studies the proposal and examines all legal aspects. The bill to withdraw the bill will be introduced in the House by the ministry to which the law relates. The bill will be debated and voted on in the House. If there is a majority vote in favor of repealing the law, the law can be revoked. If the House passes a resolution, a notification to repeal the law will be issued with the approval of the President.