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NGOs of USA sending oxygen concentrators to India

Indianapolis, April 29
Alarmed by the grim Covid-19 situation in India, a number of Non-governmental organizations, are coming forward to provide all possible help to their people back home as the second wave of COVID-19 has devastated life in India completely The India Association of Indianapolis, Hindu Temple Central India and Community Health Network and Sewa International USA are making their meaningful contribution to provide oxygen concentrators and other medical assistance. Sewa International USA has collected a shipment of 2184 oxygen concentrators to be sent to India to make its contribution to fight against the onslaught of Covid-19. Sewa International USA is raising $10,000,000 for the India COVID crisis. According to the latest information, Sewa International USA has already received donations of $4,751,176. Hindu Temple Central India and Community Health Network have partnered to acquire up to 500 oxygen concentrators to be sent to India for those who are struggling to survive fighting against Covid-19. HTCI Board of Trustees and Executive Committee in an appeal have urged to “donate Oxygen Concentrators for India. We are ready to purchase 500 machines – meaning saving 500 people’s lives every single day. The cost for 500 machines including shipping to India is $250,000.” HTCI will be sending the first shipment this Friday. Air India and UPS have agreed to partner to ship these machines to India on a daily basis. We just need to provide them the machines. “Our families need our help immediately. Every day we wait, we lose more people due to lack of oxygen.“. The India Association of Indianapolis is also working to raise money to send to India’s most vulnerable and needy. Within minutes of going on WISH-TV, IAI chairman Dr. Ajay Ponugoti wrote on Facebook ” a kind soul wrote a check to IAI good enough to save at least a few lives in India. Hoping it will be contagious! Thanks to WISH-TV again !” In response to Laura Hatton, Dr. Ajay Ponugoti said “Write a check if you want to as we are collecting and want to give to the needy … if we contribute online to someone we don’t know how authentic they are. So if you trust us to write a check to the India Association of Indianapolis PO Box 570, Carmel, IN 46082 or we will add a PayPal link on IAI Facebook page.” Dr. Ajay Ponugoti appeared on WISH-TV to express his concern on the surge of COVID cases in India like “no other country has seen before.” According to WISH-TV “Medical experts say the true impact of this second wave of COVID could likely be even more devastating, as some cases and deaths may go unreported. COVID-19’s devastation in India is nearly immeasurable. Conservative estimates put daily new cases at 300,000.” WISH-TV quoted IAI chairman Ajay Ponugot as saying “The first wave didn’t hit them very badly so I think this gave a false perception. The COVID has mutated so badly it caught them in a surprise.” Dr Ponugoti said ” A lot of us first-generation know Indians a lot of our family are back in India. My mother is in India. I lost my father during the first COVID surge. “As approximately one billion persons live in India, often in close quarters, which makes it easy for the virus to spread.” Ponugoti told WISH-TV “With thousands of people of Indian descent living in Indiana, chances are everyone knows someone back home impacted. So the India Association of Indianapolis is working to raise money to send to India’s most vulnerable and needy. “The only way to beat this virus is to act together,” Ponugoti said.
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