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New variant of corona virus found in Vietnam is part of Indian delta strain: WHO

The Fact News Service Hanoi, June 3   A different variant of the corona virus has been found in Vietnam, which is a mixed form of the corona virus found in India and Britain, due to which it is being called a hybrid strain. But the representative of the World Health Organization has made it clear in a conversation with a newspaper that the variant of the corona virus, which was being called a new hybrid strain of the virus from India and Britain, is actually a part of the Indian corona virus strain. During an interview, Kidong Park told that according to the assessment of the World Health Organization, there are no new hybrid strains of corona virus in Vietnam at this time. Also, he told that whatever new strain of corona virus has been found in Vietnam, it is a delta strain of the existing virus of India. New strain found in which countries of the world According to the assessment of scientists, as soon as any virus is coming out again, genetic changes also start taking place in it. New variants of the corona virus found in China have also surfaced. The World Health Organization has described the variants of the corona virus found in Britain, India, South Africa and Brazil as worrying.

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