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New robots can clean virus-laden surfaces

The Fact News Service,
May 26,
A robot prances on four slender legs. It almost appears to be dancing. Then it stops in front of a chair in an empty auditorium. Suddenly, a mist spews from a nozzle atop its head. The sci-fi-like machine now twists itself to the left, then to the right, then up and down. That mist is a poison at least if you’re a germ. And the robot is using it to disinfect the entire chair. When done, the nimble robot will move on to the next one. Across the country at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, another robot is undergoing tests to rid spaces of the coronavirus and other potentially deadly germs. This one, DINGO, looks more like a rolling giraffe. And it cleans with ultraviolet light instead of chemicals. It beams certain wavelengths known as UVC. This light shines out from the sides and bottom of the robot. Meanwhile, its giraffe-like neck twists and turns, beaming more germ-killing light onto the backs or tops of chairs, desks, and other things in a room. LASER-D and DINGO are ushering in a new wave of smarter, more nimble, and potentially more thorough cleaning robots. Especially during a pandemic, machines such as these can help keep all of us safe. Source:(Internet)

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