National security legislation is for Hong Kong’s long-term stability, prosperity: Li Keqiang

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (File photo)

Beijing [China], May 28 (ANI): Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday said that the passage of Hong Kong national security legislation is for the long term prosperity and stability of the city-state.
According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese Premier said national security law resolution was designed "for the steady implementation of one country, two systems and Hong Kong's long-term stability and prosperity".
He said that "one country, two systems" and a high degree of autonomy were long an important part of Beijing's basic state policy, and had been implemented from the start, reported South China Morning Post.
China's parliament on Thursday passed the proposal to impose a new national security law for Hong Kong.
The US has condemned the Chinese Communist Party's proposal to "unilaterally and arbitrarily" impose national security legislation on Hong Kong, urging Beijing to reconsider its proposal, abide by its international obligations and respect Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy.
According to a Xinhua report, Li termed Taiwan question as China's internal affair.
"On this political basis, we are ready to have dialogue and consultation with political parties, groups and people in Taiwan on cross-Strait relations and the future of the Chinese nation, so as to promote the peaceful development cross the Strait and advance the peaceful reunification of China," Li was quoted as saying by Xinhua.
He also stated that 'China will be able to fulfill the tasks and goals for the whole year and complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects'. (ANI)