Naresh Kamath of “Kailasa” fame wins Best Background Score award

The Fact News Service
New Delhi, March 22
Debutant producer Sonal Sehgal’s film ‘Manny’ swept the awards at the recently concluded Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival winning 4 awards, the highest number by any film. The film won Best Sci-Fi Thriller (runner Up), Best Background Score, Best Cinematography, and Best Supporting Actor. Naresh Kamath is a versatile musician who has been a founder member of Electronic, Rock, and funk bands like the Bombay Black Collective and Hipnotribe. He also formed the band “Kailasa” with Kailash Kher and his brother Paresh Kamath back in2005 and the trio has been going strong since then. On working with a foreign director, Naresh says, “Dace Puce herself is a musician so we could communicate very easily. We understood each other when citing references from world music.