More Americans satisfied with Biden campaign than Trump: Poll

US President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden

Washington [US], November 3 (ANI): Most American citizens are satisfied with the way Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has conducted his campaign in comparison to President Donald Trump, according to a new Gallup poll.
Citing Gallup, The Hill reported that about 56 per cent of respondents were satisfied with Biden's campaign, compared to 46 per cent Americans who view the Trump campaign as satisfactory.
It is also reported that nearly 55 per cent of the Americans who self-identify themselves as independents are satisfied with Biden's campaign.
Taking a sample of 1,018 adults 18 years old and older from October 16 to 27, the Gallup poll has noted that Trump's campaign in 2020 received a much higher rating in comparison to 2016 when he was viewed as satisfactory by only 29 per cent. (ANI)