Model Tenancy Act soon to be applicable in Chandigarh, houses will not be to be given on rent without written agreement

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Chandigarh, June 3
The Central Government has approved the Model Tenancy Act. This act will also be applicable in Chandigarh. Adviser Manoj Kumar Parida said that after approving the Act, the Central Government has approved the implementation of the States and UTs. Model Tenancy Act-2020 will be implemented in UT. According to this Act, no place or property can be let on rent without a written agreement or in accordance with the rules set by each other. This Act will apply to both residential and commercial properties. It includes both urban area and rural area. The rent of the property will be mutually decided. There will be a fast track judicial system to resolve disputes between tenants and property owners so that such disputes can be resolved expeditiously. Subletting is not allowed. If subletting is to be done, a separate agreement will be required between the landlord and the tenant. This provision in the Act
  • The District Collector will be the Rent Authority.
  • If the tenant does not vacate the property for a long time, then a provision of heavy penalty was placed on it.
  • If the tenant stays more than the agreed time, then he will have to pay double rent for that time.
  • The tenant will have to pay at least two months’ rent to the owner in advance.
  • The owner will not be able to visit the property let out after dusk and before dawn.

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