Meet Priyanka Soni, a top entertainment influencer

The Fact News service
Chandigarh, March 20
Priyanka Kumar Soni, an entertainment influencer who is making waves on Instagram by creating reels on Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Hindi songs. With 171K followers on Instagram, Soni’s reach is increasing day-by-day. She is working with a few digital agencies, including Cross Media and Boss Music Production for songs promotions. Priyanka began her journey as an influencer last year during the lockdown. She started with a dancing app ‘Vigo’ and ‘Vmate’. After these apps were banned by the government, Priyanka focused on Instagram. When she started with Instagram, her reach was just around 7K but her hard work is paying off, and now is all set to complete 200K in just a few months. Sharing about herself, Priyanka said, “I am a student and perusing BBA in Haryana’s Palwal. Meanwhile, I make dancing videos on Instagram and other platforms. I feel very happy that at such an early age I am earning and supporting my parents. My parents are teachers by profession and they supported me in my every work.” “Till now I have posted 1000 plus posts, including reels on my Instagram handle @priyanka_kumar_soni. My every post has thousands of views. I am thankful to my followers and fans who are supporting me and appreciating my work. I hope I keep entertaining everyone with my content. Soon I will cross 2 lakh followers on Instagram,” shared Soni. Priyanka further stated that she likes dancing and travelling. More young people are spending time online than ever before. Others who are talented, camera-friendly, outgoing, ambitious, and knowledgeable have created channels that have legions of followers. They have become influencers. With time, dedication, and consistent effort, it is possible for an average person to become a successful influencer. In just the last two years, the field of influencer marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. The growing popularity of this form of marketing is undeniable which, in many cases, has even led some influencers to find their way into a larger career.